2018. ‘Challenging the Narrative’ – Critical thinking in football at Glasgow


Football Collective Annual Conference – Glasgow – 29th and 30th November 2018

The full conference programme can be found here: Football Collective Programme 2018

At the turn of the 20th Century Glasgow was home to the three biggest places on Earth that you could go and watch football live. Glasgow also held the world’s first international football match held in 1872, between Scotland and England. The 2018 Football Collective annual conference will take place in this unique, special and footballing rich city on the 29th and 30th November, bringing this collective of football researchers, practitioners and scholars together in Scotland for the first time.



We are delighted to confirm the location for this years conference, as the iconic stadia, Hampden Park.



Keynote Panels

The conference will host a number of keynote panels that bring together research and industry to critically discuss topical issues in sport.

Conference Opening Keynote

Challenging the status quo – the positioning of female researchers in the footballing world, Sol Wolfers – follow this link for further details.

Keynote Panels:

  • Critical reflections of women and football, chaired by Alex Culvin,  panel includes Stacey Pope, Lucy Ward and Kylla Sjoman – Follow this link for further details.
  • Football and the Politics of National Identity in Post-Brexit Britain, chaired by John Kelly, panel includes Maureen McBride and Danny Fitzpatrick – Follow this link for further details.
  • The Challenge: Reimagining Race, Diversity and Opportunity in Football, chaired by Kevin Hylton, panel include Grant Jarvie, Funke Awoderu and Paul Elliott – follow this link for further details.

Call for papers 2018 : “Challenging the Narrative” – Critical Thinking in Football

The football collective conference theme for 2018 is challenging the narrative. We welcome papers and presentations that will challenge myths and misconceptions, common held attitudes and positions. As the gap between fans and bodies (including clubs) grows wider and financial division within the game becomes more entrenched, critical thinking about the game has never been more necessary.

The conference welcomes papers that address (but are not limited to) football and the following:

  • Grassroots through to elite
  • Mega events
  • Politics
  • Fan culture and social movements
  • Diversity
  • Women and Girls
  • Social and Community
  • Governance and Ownership
  • Labour / Migration
  • Racism
  • Conflict (Ethno-national, Ideological, Sectarian etc.)
  • Sectarianism
  • Identities
  • Class
  • Gender and Sexualities
  • Business
  • Performance
  • Other themes relevant to the Football Collective themes

The conference is designed to offer opportunities for all to present research, research ideas, potential projects, and innovative methods of data collection or public engagement. Thus it aims to discuss research that (a) has been undertaken, to share findings and gain insight and feedback on data analysis, representation, and potential outputs (b) is being proposed as a potential option for the Football Collective group to understand an existing issue or (c) has been published, to share findings and discuss future research needs. We particularly encourage submissions from PhD scholars and early career researchers.

Dates for submission

‘Please submit a Word document containing your paper title, a 250 word abstract, and author information including full name, institutional affiliation, email address, and a 50-word bio to: FC2018Glasgow@yahoo.com by 7th September 2018. A maximum of 20 minutes will be allocated to each conference paper. Panel proposals (three presenters – 60 minutes) should include a 150 word overview and 250 word individual abstracts (plus author information listed above). We also welcome proposals for workshops, film screenings, performances etc. We particularly encourage submissions from PhD scholars and early career researchers. Notifications regarding acceptance will be sent by 22nd September 2018.’

Conference organiser 

We are fortunate that this years conference will be organised by Sean Huddleston and we are very pleased he has taken on the conference as custodian from 2018.

Sean is a PhD candidate in the School of Education at the University of the West of Scotland (UK). He is a graduate in modern history and his field of expertise lies in the history of national identity in Scotland and Ireland. He recently organised Scotland’s first ever conference on Football and bigotry in October 2016 (‘Football, Education and Prejudice’) and edited the collected work Football Fans, Rivalry and Cooperation (Routledge Research in Sport, Culture and Society). He has written for Times Educational Supplement, Vice, the Glasgow Herald Newspaper and appeared on BBC Radio Scotland. You can follow Sean on twitter at @seanhuddleston2

If you have any conference questions please contact Sean on email using: FC2018Glasgow@yahoo.com



Tickets are now on sale – please follow the link below to book your spot:

Click here > to book on and join us

Venue and location

Venue, recommended hotels and conference dinner details will be announced in the near future so please make sure that you continue to monitor the Football Collective Twitter and Facebook pages as well as the weekly digests emailed to all members of the collective.


Twitter #FBCGlasgow2018 @FB_Collective

In the meantime, music….

Whilst we finalise the location and keynote panels for the conference, and people get their abstract prepared and submitted, follow this link to our list of songs that ‘we’ think will help get everyone ready for a fantastic conference in an incredible City – we are open to suggestions and additions just drop us a tweet or DM….

We look forward to seeing everyone in Glasgow in November!

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